Bringing it together…

17 Nov

High school sets have a budget that’s small. You accept that, and you work with it and that’s part of the fun.  Instead of frosted glass, you stretch plastic drop cloths over the door windows (it actually works very well).  You have to keep in mind that everything needs to look good from 40 feet away, not 10 feet.

Thats theatre, but with high school, or smaller productions – it’s always an effort to do the most with the very small budget you have.  $500 is a big budget show for some sets.  You scrimp on everything, ripping 2x4s to make 2x2s.  Last shows book cases become this shows in wall inserts by flipping them on their side and making them even with the flats – which often require a ton of screws and clamps to pull them tight.  The french doors from the sound of music, and the arch from the library in the Music Man, combined to make this plays entryway.  Left over sheeting from Suessical becomes a bar.

Every bit of lumber, is reused. You make things with what’s available, you reuse flats and lumber show after show after show. Some of the canvas has so many coats of paint its practically able to stand in its own.  After each show, there’s something you pick up and take forward to the next.

But that shouldn’t hold anyone back. In fact, that’s not a blocker, it’s a challenge to be accepted.  Most of these over painted flats… Will be stripped or thrown away. New Hollywood style flats will replace them. But for now, for one more show, the skills if the parents and kids from 13 Past Midnight are shown in what we accomplished.

Awesome job for a couple hundred dollars worth of paint and effort.

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