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Blood on Demand…

For 13 Past Midnight, Victor is killed, A sheet laid over him… And then later it bleeds.

No big deal. For this, we tape (white duct tape) a clear hose filled with stage blood and a large (easy to find at a veterinarian supply) syringe. When the sheet is draped over Victor the Syringe with tubing is hidden in the sheet, as they drape it over the body they drop it in his upstage hand, his body never needs to move to spurt blood on command. (For realism have Victor squeeze the syringe a few moments before the blood needs to appear so it has time to soak in.)

You can see the rigging below…

Now here’s a few caveats and tips…

Tip #1: Syringes are often more difficult to push than people think, so use Silicone spray lubricant on the plunger and tube of the Syringe and work it until it slides with ease.

Clean the rig and spray it between shows so the silicone stopper doesn’t dry out. Use Silicone spray (found at Auto parts supply) instead of WD40 or other greases. The stopper is Silicone so your not going to dry it out as other greases will.

Tip #2: Tape .5 mill ir similar plastic drop cloth to the inside of the sheet so the blood is forced to soak into the fabric and not the actors costume or stage floor.

Tip #3:
Water down your stage blood so it’s almost between water and syrup in consistency.

Tip #4: Important!!!

Insert a small chunk of sponge into the end of your clear tubing to prevent accidental leaks of blood. And of course store it up right until use.

Surprisingly, the sponge will do a really good job, but better to be safe than sorry before show time.

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